A wholehearted branding firm

Located in Hong Kong and Singapore, Stepworks offers branding, brand building and digital services. Our multicultural team has a global mindset and a track record of creating lasting positive change with ambitious leaders and their organisations.

Fast facts

Supporting organisations at times of pivotal change

Brand strategy, messaging frameworks, design, campaigns and digital


Hong Kong, Singapore

Global and across cultures

Partner-owned and operated

Our membership of the Magnet Global network extends the reach and expertise our clients enjoy.

Choosing the right crew

Wholehearted Brand Building emphasises teamwork. This works because strong brands must resonate with many different types of people. A diverse crew creates more value.

Working with people from different disciplines, cultures and backgrounds expands creative inspiration. Experience in different sectors cross-pollinates thinking.

Our approach values listening and learning from the unique insights and experiences of everyone involved.

Ken Bei

Ken BeiDigital Developer

Sushant Sharma

Sushant SharmaWordpress Developer

Twain Dreyer

Twain DreyerBrand Research Executive

Ivy Sin

Ivy SinAccounting Clerk

William Chang

William ChangSenior Graphic Designer

Tessa Char

Tessa CharSenior Account Manager

Claire Au-Yeung

Claire Au-YeungAccount Manager

Stephen Barry

Stephen BarryManaging Partner

Kaman Wong

Kaman WongOffice Manager

Wilfred Cheung

Wilfred CheungFinancial Controller

Chriz Larin

Chriz LarinHead of Growth

Michelle Miralles

Michelle MirallesDesign Director, Partner

Eric Chan

Eric ChanDesign Director, Partner

Alex Liu

Alex LiuStrategy Director

Vincent Wong

Vincent WongVisualiser

Priscilla Lo

Priscilla LoSenior Graphic Designer

Paul Rigby

Paul RigbyHead of Strategy, Partner

Shadow Wong

Shadow WongHead of Account Servicing, Partner

Denis Vodisek

Denis VodisekLead Developer

Stella Han

Stella HanCo-founder

Stepworks leadership team


From left to right

Stephen Barry – Managing Partner

Stephen’s passion for design led to the launch of Stepworks in 1994. He has since contributed to countless brand strategies and creative projects. He brings positive change to ambitious global and local organisations, and the team. Stephen is a board member for the charity Viva Hong Kong.

Shadow Wong – Head of Account Servicing, Partner

Shadow has a knack for quickly identifying client needs and untangling the knots in complex projects. With well over a decade’s experience keeping Stepworks projects running like clockwork, Shadow makes sure your investment in branding will earn your business valuable competitive advantages.

Eric Chan – Design Director, Partner

Eric combines creativity, logic and enthusiasm to deliver strong, thoughtful design-driven branding in any media. With over 20 years experience in brand building and design, he knows how to deliver solutions that bring strong business benefits.

Paul Rigby – Head of Strategy, Partner

Paul is known for originating powerful names, slogans and storytelling that distills the essence of organisations, products and services. He has honed his skills over three decades as creative director and copywriter on numerous successful brand building campaigns.

Michelle Miralles – Design Director, Partner

Originally from Panama, Michelle began her creative communications journey in the US, and has since spent many years as a leader at Stepworks. Influenced by western and eastern aesthetics, her design and branding work has both depth and relevance.

Our values


Our brand DNA ‘Wholehearted’ helps us align what we think, say and do. We endeavour to take a wholehearted approach to create positive change for those we work with.

Together, wholeheartedly

It’s about the quality and effectiveness of what we do together, and not about our individual egos. We believe in the importance of open honest relationships and encourage sharing. As the proverb goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Be better, continuously

We believe in the importance of continuous improvement, kaizen. Always challenge the status quo. This helps us be better in ourselves, as a team, and do better for the clients we serve.


Complexity is easy. Simplicity is hard. But simple is smart, effective and more sustainable. We work smart and hard to simplify without being simplistic.

Wow our clients, ourselves and others

Wow! Meticulously thought-through and executed brand building solutions help propel positive change that leads to opportunities and solves problems. We work to wow each other by doing our best.

Create value for one another

We work with purpose to create value for our customers and one another. We recognize success and share the rewards.

Love what we do, and love in what we do

We’re passionate about creating positive change through our brand building skills. We make a conscious effort to be helpful to people – our colleagues, clients, and the charity initiatives we support. We encourage one another to apply kindness, understanding, care and compassion to our thoughts and actions, because why wouldn’t we?

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