Creative Brief Engine

Effective creative work requires a clear creative brief.
Here’s the simple way to get one.

Basic info

Project objectives

What positive change do you wish to create?
What are your organisation’s goals?

See examples of project objectives

Project deliverables

What are your proposed items for this project and when should they be delivered?

Item Launch date
Add another


It’s helpful to know a ballpark budget. Otherwise the creative team might propose unaffordable ideas. You can come back to this if you like.

Entire campaign budget (including media spending)

Production budget (for film, photography, coding, illustrations, stock images etc.)

Traditionally this is around 10 to 20% of an advertising campaign, but could be up to 80% of a branding project.


Target audience

Have you developed audience personas?

Well done. Please add a link to your personas in the Notes section below.

Which audiences are you reaching?

Does your audience know you already?

Gender ratio (male/female)

Age range

Share more about our audience


What do you believe is your Unique Selling Proposition? The single biggest factor most likely to persuade your audience to act?

For creative teams who are already familiar with your brand or business

A more detailed brief should result in more effective creative solutions

Project background

Share as much as you can about your project. Add links if you like. The more your creative team knows, the better they can help.


Which media channels will you use to take your message to your audience?

Choose from a list

Reasons to believe

You have promised the following:

Now list all the reasons your promise can be believed…

Please prioritise these reasons to believe, from most important to least important.


Imagine your brand as a person… describe its personality. How would it talk?

Choose up to three


An effective message triggers a response in its audience.

What do you want people to think?

Or what do you want people to do?


How should we measure success?


Is there anything that is compulsory for the creative team to follow, or include?


Anything else useful you can share? Competitor references? Examples of previous campaigns?

Add links or describe resources you have that may be useful to your creative team:

Creative brief


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Project objectives

Project deliverables

Ballpark budget

Target audience

Promise (USP — Unique Selling Proposition)

Project background

Delivery channels

Our audience should believe us because:

Our attitude towards our audience should be:

We want people to react this way:

Our success will be measured by:

The following are compulsory:

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