Spinning a sustainable silk brand identity

Business objectivesBrand consistency, Build awareness, New offering

Committed to sustainability, and to quality

Bombyx integrates the concept of environmentally-conscious production into every step of silk-making. Its premium quality brand supports its identity as a committed, mindful, quality-obsessed producer.


New ideas for an ancient industry

Located in Sichuan China, Bombyx aims to lead the silk industry in ESG and innovation. Its sustainable, affordable and aspirational silk textiles are produced entirely with ecologically-conscious processes.

Determined to set new standards with its radical approach, the business called for a brand identity distinctive from other silk manufacturers that place a lower emphasis on ESG.

The Bombyx identity is woven around a stylised silk cocoon


Hatching a strategy

A long-term brand strategy emerged from a close collaboration between the visionary leaders of Bombyx, and the Stepworks team. 

The brand strategy and story informed a design brief. It specified a logo able to be applied with wide flexibility and impact, plus the potential to evolve into an ingredient brand.


As strong as silk

Silk is produced by bombyx mori – the domestic silk moth. Appropriately, the deliberately understated Bombyx logo emerged from the chaotic beauty and strength of the silk cocoon.

The timeless simplicity of the brand identity supports a wide range of applications. It conveys the organic premium quality of an upstart manufacturer determined to lead the sector.

“Bombyx continues to be influenced by the foundation we set together. Thanks for helping to create a lasting and impactful brand. You guys are awesome!”

Bombyx leadership team

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