Conceiving a more human friendly business

Business objectivesExpansion, Increase sales, Upgrade brand
Messaging framework

Connecting electronics shoppers to value

Twelve years after launching its global consumer electronics business, Unitek was ready to level up. The company’s leaders invested in a Stepworks brand building collaboration to add effectiveness to the transformation.

The collaboration began with a discovery process. The brand building team then created messages to deepen Unitek’s emotional connection with audiences. They also designed a distinctive Unitek brand identity that would be more easily recognised and recalled by shoppers facing choice.

The positioning phrase conveys user-friendly, eco-friendly and partner-friendly… friendly in relationships and products

Value created

Distinctive POS identity – A tactical approach to package design makes Unitek products stand out among the many brands in this crowded market..

Happy distributors – Spanning 30 countries, Unitek’s distributors expressed strong satisfaction with the brand upgrade and subsequent uplift in sales.

Higher customer confidence – The evolved and refreshed design amplified the brand’s reputation for quality, innovation and value.

Easier team building – Being perceived as friendly to people (and making it real) became a clear competitive advantage for Unitek.

Previous logo
The redesigned Unitek brand mark features a smiley face U expressing happiness and friendly humanity



The brand communicates effectively even in limited space


The packaging is designed to enable shoppers to quickly understand the product and its features and benefits. The distinctive bold red identity creates a reassuring sense of familiarity among buyers who know Unitek quality.
Brand guidelines keep all Unitek communications and design teams on the same page
“Design has a huge impact on buyers of retail consumer electronics products. Distributors and end users all evaluate quality by how a product looks. After working with Stepworks, our refreshed Unitek brand makes more sense and is more easily recognised by customers. This has given us more customer loyalty and a stronger business.”

Shovial Lam, Co-founder and Group Vice President

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