Aligning brand to advance sustainable global trade

Business objectivesBrand management, Elevate customer experience, Shape perceptions
Hinrich Foundation
Key messaging DigitalCommunications

A stronger foundation to achieve the mission

Intent on continual positive development, the foundation initiated a strategic review of its programs and impact. This resulted in an evolution of its approach.

The Hinrich Foundation team then invited Stepworks to work with them to form a team of brand builders. Together they assessed the potential to advance Hinrich Foundation’s brand direction. The team developed a new design language, website, marketing collaterals and brand guidelines.


Value created

Assumptions tested – The methodical, empathetic approach involved multiple in-depth interviews with stakeholders worldwide to clarify perceptions of the foundation.

Updated design – The team evolved the design language and brand aesthetics. The unique foundation as a unique thought leader making a positive impact on global trade through policy research and education.

Sharper messages – The brand model approach led to more concisely articulated key messages that inform the foundation’s brand narrative.

Successful outcomes – Global trade is complex with widely diverse stakeholders. The diversity of the brand building team enriched the collaboration and led to positive change.

The refreshed brand identity included a new approach to visuals
Branding Digital
Content creation
SEO strategy
UX and UI Communications

New website fulfills founder’s objectives

The Hinrich Foundation brand building team produced a new website that achieved several valuable objectives. Guided by the founder’s vision, the team collaborated closely to create a superior experience for visitors.

Stepworks developed the visual aesthetics of the website, based on the refreshed brand identity developed earlier.

Value created

Digital brand validation – By taking the lead in the website redesign initiative, Stepworks could ensure alignment across organisation strategy, brand strategy and the evolved brand identity system.

Enhanced user experience – The website offers value to multiple audiences, from trade policy experts and educators, to the media, and young ambitious individuals who one day can implement and influence sustainable global trade policies.

Successful digital implementation – The digital development was informed by the branding, and understanding of the needs of various interdependent stakeholders. Clear direction and objectives helped the digital development team successfully complete the project.

The relatively flat navigation helps visitors quickly find what they need
Hosting hundreds of articles about the complex topic of global trade, the website was inevitably intricate and required more time and effort to clarify and simplify than most of a similar scope
BrandingDigital Communications
Presentation deck
Sales enablement

Tools and resources to empower internal teams

An important objective of the Hinrich brand upgrade was to ensure foundation team members could produce brand-building materials with minimum outsourcing.

Stepworks helped achieve this by providing a set of templates and guidelines. 

The team also produced a set of brochures to introduce the foundation and its work at events and other stakeholder touchpoints.

Value created

Ongoing cost saving – The project helped ensure the foundation can cost-effectively produce consistently high quality communications with less reliance on third parties.

Offline collaterals tested – Achieving consistency in printed materials is a challenge for many organisations. An initial agency-guided production project is valuable to ensure a set of validated colour-correct printed materials.

The brand upgrade included a set of printed collaterals to present Hinrich Foundation at offline events


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