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TCG Construction

Management preserves heritage after buy-out

Fitout builder and main contractor TCG Construction specialises in flagship retail stores, world class laboratories, great workspaces and hospitality spaces. The company began as the Hong Kong division of a multinational.

After HQ decided to step back from the Hong Kong market, local management decided to buy out the operations.

The provisions of the deal included a name change and a rebrand. The new owner engaged Stepworks to advise on the most advantageous brand strategy.

To smooth the transition, it was decided to use a similar name to the original. A new logo and corporate identity were developed to align with a brand strategy that hinged on deriving meaning from the TCG acronym.

The Teamwork, Creativity, Grit positioning phrase was backward engineered to celebrate the company’s success ingredients and build culture 

Value created

Effective decision making – The research stage that commenced the branding project examined the implications of various creative directions for the brand.

Successful transition – The branding collaboration supported the new business strategy, and achieved the aims of building on heritage and reputation with minimum disruption to existing relationships.

Clear core message  – The company's brand DNA Building great concisely sums up their promise and heritage, and positions them at the premium end of the market.

Guidelines ensure consistently branded collateral can be developed by the TCG team

Photo credit: TCG Construction

TCG’s new space reflects their core value of Building great and showcases their reputation for premium quality 

Photo credit: TCG Construction

“When my company underwent a management buyout from a multinational pulling out of the Greater China region we had to somehow retain the goodwill and recognition we had built over many decades. Branding was a strong part of this. Stepworks took us through various options we had and we eventually arrived at a creative solution that ticked all the boxes which resonated with staff and clients.”

Tim Threlkeld, Managing Director
TCG Construction

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