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A more global approach for a pioneering NGO

Tencent co-founder and China philanthropy pioneer Dr Charles Chen Yidan launched the Yidan Prize Foundation in 2016 with an endowment of HK$2.5 billion (US$322m).

The foundation aims to create a better world through education. Key to achieving this is the Yidan Prize, the world’s most generous education award.

Following a review, the Yidan Prize Foundation decided to expand its activities and progress the organisation to international standards. 

Taking a methodical approach to change, the foundation commissioned Stepworks to join their internal brand building team. The team clarified and simplified messages and refreshed the brand identity without changing the logo. Stepworks also produced a new website, corporate presentation deck, brochures and brand guidelines.


Value created

Clarity achieved – The brand building team told the Yidan Prize story in a way everyone in its inclusive global community can relate to. Thoughtful design presents the foundation and its work in an emotionally appealing manner.

Design consistency – The foundation sought a more international presentation to express its global ethos. The disciplined methodology led the brand builders to craft a brand identity system that built on the design style which came before.

Project success – The Yidan Prize and Stepworks teams enjoyed a smooth and productive partnership.

New Stepworks created typography for Yidan Prize rebrand
Stepworks suggested digital colour palette for Yidan Prize rebrand
Stepworks suggested digital colour palette for Yidan Prize rebrand
Burgundy square with a partial mauve circle and white borders
“Thank you very much for the Stepworks team’s strong support for the Yidan Prize Foundation. It has been an interesting journey of learning and we are excited about engaging with our global audience in a new way.”

Mr Edward Ma
Secretary-General, Yidan Prize Foundation

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New website engages visitors and enables future development

The Yidan Prize and Stepworks brand building team developed a new website that achieved various valuable objectives, including clarity and functionality. Designed for self-management, the foundation can publish news, events and changes.

The collaboration followed Stepworks’ brand-led digital development methodology. The approach has guided many successful websites, app and campaign launches.  

Similar to the agile/scrum method, the Stepworks process calls for multiple iterations. Input is the agreed brand model. Output is a website that’s easy for visitors to understand and navigate, and achieves the organisation’s key objectives.

Value created

Digital first success – The digital initiatives strengthened the integration between the foundation’s online and offline activities. The new website helps steer the Yidan Prize in the appropriate strategic direction in a digital-first world.

UX, UI and brand building effectiveness – Stepworks’ methodology achieves effectiveness on multiple dimensions, including brand clarity, UX, UI, global accessibility and more.

Easy future development – Produced on a widely used content management system, the website can be managed by the Yidan Prize team with a minimum of technical know-how.

The website is designed for an optimum user experience for global audiences, multiple devices and jurisdictions
BrandingDigital Communications
Presentation deck

Clarity and consistency advances the mission

The Yidan Prize and Stepworks brand building teams began their collaboration by producing an urgently required annual report. This helped them become familiar with each other and their respective approaches.

The initiative also called for a range of communication and presentation tools to support the NGO’s activities. 

These included a PowerPoint deck to introduce the philanthropic organisation to potential collaborators and partners.

Printed information packs provided a benchmark for future offline development.

Value created

Pressing issues solved – Before the branding project commenced the team helped produce an urgently required report. This gave the brand builders valuable insights into working together and each other's approach.

Stakeholder engagement – Developing a presentation deck allows the brand builders to test and refine the messages shared face-to-face with stakeholders.

Photo of Yidan Prize presentation being delivered

A brand-focused presentation deck helps the team to communicate understanding of the Yidan Prize in a consistent way

Concept of rebranded Yidan Prize leaflets
Concept of rebranded Yidan Prize leaflet page

Concept of rebranded Yidan Prize leaflet page

The laureate welcome pack and nomination pack give the brand a tactile feeling of quality that’s picked up both consciously and subconsciously

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