Stepworks goes carbon neutral

24 December 2020

Conscious of the climate crisis, and inspired by the digital sustainability reports it has helped produce for large corporations, Stepworks has gone carbon neutral starting this Christmas season

Hong Kong branding agency Stepworks has helped produce a string of digital sustainability reports for large organisations in recent years. The company’s expertise in corporate communications stems from long experience in designing and developing print and digital stakeholder-facing corporate reports.

More and more organisations are realizing sustainability is a path to growth. To further align its sustainability efforts with its clients’, Stepworks has subscribed to a carbon offsetting service. This initiative enables corporates to ensure their sustainability reporting is itself carbon neutral.

Supporting sustainable sustainability reporting

Stepworks meets its carbon neutrality targets via Ecologi, a UK-based service that facilitates a climate positive workforce. The brand-led digital agency offsets all its team activities, both in the workplace and at home, including travel.

Stepworks’ contribution is applied to growing mangrove trees in Madagascar. Home to remarkable diversity, the environment of this island nation has been degraded by human activity. Mangroves support multiple species and play a vital role in this incalculably valuable ecosystem.

More about Stepworks online sustainability report design services.

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