Health and financial brand AGBA launched

20 November 2022

Listed on Nasdaq, the new group uniquely combines health and wealth platform businesses

On 15 November, AGBA, a new force in finance and healthcare AGBA launched in Hong Kong. The group began life as a SPAC listed on Nasdaq. It went on to acquire various companies to develop a unique platform offering health and wealth services to people and businesses in the Greater Bay Area (Hong Kong and Guangdong).

To present the new brand, AGBA teamed up with branding and digital agency Stepworks. 

Over the course of a year, the AGBA and Stepworks teams collaborated closely to develop a brand strategy, corporate identity and digital assets.


(Image source: Facebook)


Greater health, greater wealth, greater happiness

The key idea of the brand is togetherness. The AGBA platform unites people and businesses with greater choices in financial services, healthcare and wellness.

Few things are more important to people than family health and financial security. Each has a powerful effect on the other. AGBA brands include major businesses in healthcare and wealth management. Among these are Hong Kong’s biggest insurance broker, and biggest corporate healthcare group.

The economies of scale and synergy of its businesses enable AGBA to shape a very wide range of competitively positioned health and wealth products, and career opportunities.

The group is also active in fintech that supports its approach of continuous innovation and improvement.

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