How time massively influences branding projects

8 November 2022

How time massively influences branding projects

Why do branding projects take so damn long? is the title of the latest article from Hong Kong branding, design and digital agency, Stepworks.

Time massively influences the outcome of a branding project. Scope, scale, research, brand strategy, message frameworks, design, website, guidelines... the list goes on.

The article looks at variables that influence scheduling, and offers guidance on how long an effective brand building project should be expected to take.

In addition, the article looks at how long various branding and design initiatives take.

Timing valuable brand building opportunities for maximum advantage

The article builds on a previous, titled Brand opportunity mining – where do we dig?

Readers will get insights into the time factors to consider when seeking to capture the brand building opportunities discussed. 

Branding is a process that takes time, focus, and effort. It's not something that can be done overnight or on a whim. A few minutes invested in reading this article could have a profound impact on the success of a brand building initiative.     

The article, Why do branding projects take so damn long? can be read here.

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