Wholehearted careers

We’re a brand building and digital design firm on the lookout for talented people.

Stepworks is a great place to work, and a great place to come from. Team members who have moved on tell us their time here added a lot of credibility to their CV. It’s often sad to say goodbye but we love to see people get ahead.

Joining Stepworks has proved to be a positive career move for many colleagues and former colleagues. Where possible, we help people progress by aligning projects with their passions and ambitions.

Current openings

Creative role

Senior graphic designer with over 5 years creative agency design experience.

Development role

Email your expected salary with resume.
Be meticulous.

The mindset for a great career

In our work we’re privileged to collaborate with people with a centred approach to life.

Get ahead with teamwork

Teamwork works because strong brands must resonate with many different types of people. We can create more value with diversity.

Working with people from different disciplines, cultures and backgrounds widens creative inputs. Experience in different sectors cross-pollinates thinking.

Our team-first culture values listening, and learning from the unique insights and experiences of everyone present.

Here’s what to expect as a Stepworks colleague

The chance to do your best work in a caring environment where everyone is welcomed to share their thoughts. It’s important to us that people in our team have the opportunity to grow.

Our standards are pretty high. We love seeing team members take ownership and grow into leaders in their own right (both here and beyond).

Some of the ways we look after each other

Stepworks people enjoy competitive remuneration. You can look forward to:

  • Flexible work from home, and understanding for you, your family, children and pet time

  • Many opportunities and encouragement for career and personal development including training and education sponsorship

  • Medical and dental, and annual body check allowance

  • Living a carbon negative life as we offset your estimated work and home carbon emissions through this program

  • Lots of little perks and fun team activities and annual get togethers


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